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Nature is your truest beautician, says Nirmala Shetty who uses naturals aids like herbs, leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables at her skin and hair clinic, Nirmal Herbal. Here is the A to Z of natural treatment.

Natural foods are a must for good health. A regular intake of fresh foods ensures great skin and hair. Our ancestors even used food as cosmetic aids. I too believe that what is good for your stomach is good enough for your skin. Here are some home remedies that are as simple to make as your daily cooking. Just remember to make the remedy fresh every time and be patient - give it some time to show positive results! What is natural is safe and sure and won't make you feel sorry at all. Happy cooking and happy faces!

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Lime is full of vitamin C. It is used in skin and hair care. People with oily skins can use it as an astringent or skin tonic, as well as a hair cleanser and conditioner. Remember: Never apply lime juice directly to face or hair.
Skin Brightener
- 1/2 a lime,
- 1 tsp. glycerin,
- 1/2 cup warm milk
Method: Add the juice of half a lime and glycerin to the warm milk.
Use: Apply to face, neck, hands and feet for soft and bright skin.

Hair Tonic (for greasy hair)
- 4 tsp. fresh amla juice
- 2 tsp. beet root juice
- 2 tsp. curd
- 1/2 an egg 7-8 drops lime juice
Method: Mix all the ingredients together.
Use: Rub the mixture all over the scalp and hair for about five minutes. Wash after half an hour with a mild herbal shampoo.
Note: DON'T mistake a lime for a LEMON. Look closely and you can spot the difference. A lemon is light yellow and sports thick, rough skin, while a lime is greenish-yellow and has a fine skin.

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