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After a successful conclusion of their 2nd mission to India, Ôpera consortium announces an even more exciting line up of events for its 3rd mission in May 2009. The Mumbai line-up of activities offers a variety of events and micro-events, with a view to providing an interactive platform that aims to entertain, and inform and educate the Indian consumer about a range of world class agro-food products. The objective is to deliver a first-hand understanding of these products by highlighting the ideal pairing combinations, health benefits and recipe suggestions that would suit the Indian palate and culinary traditions. Ôpera intends to disseminate information to the F & B sector, media and opinion-makers about the six categories of products represented by Ôpera through a variety of workshops, demonstrations, road shows, contests and gala events in partnership with brands such as Nature's Basket and yours truly, UpperCrust, India's answer to Gourmet and Bon Appetit. Make sure you remain connected with your Italian friends, food writers or someone associated with Ôpera - you don't want to be left out of the fun, do you?

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