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Most crystal healing practitioners go about it as a matter of faith. You either believe in crystal healing or you don't, without any rational explanation whatsoever, says Gayatri Peshawaria, who discovers Ostara, a perfect mind, body & soul place.

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We live in a pragmatic world, a place where you're taught to live a mechanical life, where you're driven with success, money, fame, the usual- a place where each one strives for the same goals to such an extent that we all become alike. Does one pause and think- Who are we? Who am 'I'? What am I really looking for? In this selfish world, the 'I' appears a little blurred. Yet, all hope is not lost. There are hidden places, places that invite you to discover them, places where the "I' suddenly seems to come into sharp focus, as a dusty stone, wiped clean, sparkles into a crystal in the dark. Welcome to one such hidden haven. With an almost nondescript entrance, tucked behind an auditorium and among a few residential buildings is Ostara. Samira Amin, the franchisee holder of this Bangalore based concept store, greets me with an affable smile. I leave my skepticism behind as I step inside. I am immediately captivated by the music. I learn that it is called The Healing Forest. Hmm, celestial, tranquil and healing. Perhaps a sound you could wake up to, even at 6 am and after a late night out.

"Ostara or the spring equinox is celebrated in many cultures on 21st March. It marks the point of change between the dark and light halves of the year, that is, when the days get longer than the nights," Samira educates me. Inexplicably, I am overwhelmed by the paraphernalia that captures my attention. Samira introduces each piece in its most holistic approach. We began with crystals that came in varied shapes, sizes and colours; each one feels different to the touch. "Crystal healing has been recorded in most ancient cultures and is becoming an area of faith. The crystals provide the most solid frequencies known to man," supplies Samira, "Like tuning forks set standards for musical notes, the steady vibration of crystals sets the standards for the pristine natural 'notes' of the world and the human body." On display were crystals like Clear Quartz, the energy amplifier, Citrine that attracts wealth and success and treats digestive problems, Carnelian that overcomes depression, Rose Quartz that attunes to energy of unconditional love, opens and heals the heart chakra, calms and reassures (a real winner, huh?!), and Agate, a grounding stone that helps achieve physical and emotional balance. Also, here lay the hazel-coloured Amethyst, one of the most expensive crystals, that, while calming the nervous system, is also known to absorb harmful radiations from computers.

The study of crystals is a science. Samira tells me that crystals must be charged before programming. Almost how one charges a mobile phone. Soak your crystal, overnight, in rock salt and water, wash it the next morning. Keep under the sunlight for two hours or more before 11 a.m. so that your crystal absorbs the freshest morning rays of the sun. Hold it in your hand, rather tight, and imagine white light coming into it. As you do so, tell it what you want. Voila, the crystal is programmed. You can keep it by your bedside, in a drawer or even in your bag to remind you of it. Though a science, the practice is much more esoteric. Most crystal healing practitioners go about it as a matter of faith. You either believe in crystal healing or you don't, without any rational explanation whatsoever. One may also try wishing stones that can be charged almost the same way as crystals.

If you're already a convert, you may want to try crystal therapy right here at Ostara. Lose yourself on a bed where Samira will place crystals on your chakras to get them in alignment, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. In a layman's language, chakras, seven in number, are energy nodes in the human body. Aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spinal column to the top of the head, each chakra is associated with a certain colour, an aspect of consciousness, a classical element and other distinguishing characteristics. The loci of life energy, chakras are thought to vitalise the physical body and to be associated with interactions of both a physical and mental nature.

If you thought chakras are restricted to Indian philosophy, wait till you see silica disks and jewellery. An external tachyonized healing product, they're of American origin and can be placed at your chakras to support the body's energy field for optimal health and well being.

All this chakra business is spinning around my still pragmatic head. But curiosity gets the better of me as my eyes wander to little, wooden pyramids. According to Samira, the Egyptian made the pyramids because the shape absorbs and conserves positive energies from the cosmos- one of the reasons the mummies are so well-preserved! Ostara went a little creative- they have wooden, pyramid-shaped containers which act almost like... piggy banks. The top, which is the shape of a pyramid, opens into a container with mirrors on its sides. Uncanny as this may sound even to this writer, if one stores money in these containers, it is known to multiply as the mirrors reflect more and more money. Er...

Anyway, I pick up a tiny, spiral pendulum, quite like a top suspended from a chain. "They answer questions. Hold the string and suspend them. If they revolve clockwise or vertically, the energy of the place is positive and negative if they move in any other direction," says Samira. Use the same signs as communication signals - ask your pendulum a yes/no question. I also see Feng Shui balls- metal balls with smaller metal balls in it that have an increasingly unwinding effect and Dream Catchers- filters of dreams, these are little, round shaped nets that can be hung by your bedside or by the window to prevent bad dreams (!!). I also see acupressure chappals, books, CDs, relationship improvers (sigh!!), rudrakshra, prayer and yoga accessories like meditation seats (good for those with back problems), divination cards and tools and a picture of The Om Parbat, the Himalayan mountain peak (also known as Chhota Kailash) where water froze, completely naturally, into the shape of an Om. The Chinese believe a picture of a mountain behind one's bed symbolises support. And what better picture than that of The Om Parbat?

Almost through with my recce, I've decided on the pendulum, some crystals and a few wishing stones. They are 'cleaned' in a metallic, Tibetan bowl with inscriptions on the sides, much like a pestle and mortar. Samira strikes on the 'mortar' with the 'pestle' and runs it along the edges of the round shaped 'mortar' and....

Holy Mother of God!!
It's the sound of Om.
Of nature.
Of a flowing river in the Himalayas.
Of passion.
Of boundless joy.
Of calmness...

Also known as prayer and singing bowls, these can be used to enhance vibrations needed to clear negativity. In fact, the vibrations produced by these bowls are so strong that, if containing water, they are known to cause ripples in it.

What do I say about concepts that offer no explanations, experiences that cannot be described? Perhaps, they are manifestations of the resplendent. Whoa, one rendezvous with Ostara and... the cynic is heading towards positivism? Have I been converted? I cannot say. Experience it firsthand, you might discover something about yourself you never knew.

The Ostara Shop
12A/2, Surya Kiran Bldg,
Behind Tejpal Auditorium,
Gowalia Tank, Mumbai 36.
Ph: 23874929


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