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In a world of 'conservation,' wineries the world over are catching up. By going green, these wineries have not only switched to sustainable or organic grape growing, but have also included methods like solar power and recycled blue jeans as winery insulation. Apart from solving the problem of environment conservation, these methods are also economically viable. Sonoma's Rodney Strong, that produces 80,000 cases of wine per year, installed 80,000 square feet of solar panels thereby cutting its electricity costs by 40%. Also, Napa's Frog's Leap uses geothermal energy from 'wells' that are dug 250 meters deep beneath the winery's parking lot. Water circulates in a closed loop up and down the well absorbing heat from the earth during the cold winter months and reversing the process in the summer. This helps lowering the cost of cooling and heating the winery buildings while helping the environment.


by webroute-solutions