Badrinath, Abode of Lord Vishnu

I came out of the innter sanctum, sat a while at the temple steps and watched pilgrims taking their offerings to Lord Vishnu; hard sugar candy, tulsi, and dry fruits, placed in a thali. Then I went and bought myself a rudraksh bead which i later got strung on a gold chain in Mumbai, says FARZANA BEHRAM CONTRACTOR.

And To Lord Shiva's at Kedarnath

Being in the Himalayas is such an invigorating feeling and when that emotion synergizes with a sense of spirituallity, the outcome is beyond expression. Kedarnath, situated as remotely as it is, has that effect on the body, mind and soul, says FARZANA BEHRAM CONTRACTOR.

Reaching The Heavens Via The Kingdom of Lan Na

It's got everything and more, says FARZANA BEHRAM CONTRACTOR. I recommend Dhara Dhevi, Mandarin Oriental's dream resort to anyone who truly loves elegant living, has a heart brimming with romand and wants to indulge and be pampered...


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