Green Dreams

The ultimate joy is being able to grow what you eat. And that is exactly how Rupal Tejani began four years ago. The mistress of Hotel Dreamland, a landmark in Mahabaleshwar, went from a kitchen patch to a full- fledged vegetable garden to cultivating acres of land growing quality produce. Dream Farm, that’s what she calls it. Meet the glamourous farmer


Text and photographs: Farzana Contractor 

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Getting It Right, Getting It Wrong

Stanley Pinto is a man of many parts. He can wax eloquent about various aspects of the good life. Here he defines the right marketing strategy for success in the automobile industry

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Tanuj Garg is the former CEO of Bajali Telefilms and is now working as a content producer for Bollywood movies

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Book Review

UpperCrust Reviews


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10 Best off the Gourmet Shelf

Gourmet Shelf! click for full article!

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Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen Preview

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Health Wise

Life is the greatest gift, they say, value it. To do so, one must take into consideration various aspects of this fortunate existence, the body being the primary focus. In Health Wise, learn how to make use of natural ingredients to look after the hair and the goodness of granola for a healthy regimen. Read up on the DASH diet and what the doc has to say on infectious diseases this issue. Remember, ‘A happy mind comes from a healthy soul’. Stay healthy, stay happy

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  Kids Culinarie

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